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Moving Tips

We know there’s a lot to take in and think about when it comes to home removals. From precious glassware or a bulky bed to frozen food and bed linen. What to pack and what to leave? And where to start?


Luckily, we offer a full home removals service and can handle all the packing for you. We can walk you through the process too, to put your mind fully at rest. Whether you'd prefer to do all the packing yourself, here’s our 4 golden tips for a stress free moving. Remember the more organised you are at the start the easier it is when unpacking. And don't worry if you have a lot of unwanted items, we also offer a rubbish removal service, so lets get planning.


Start with making a firm list of all the items. Its easier check a list to make sure all is being packed with a list then to work off memory.  List also allows you to sort things in order to pack and unpack. Being organised at the start will help when unpacking on the other end 


Before you start packing, we advise you to spend some time to really sort through all your belongings and make a list of items that is a must and items where you can put on the "do I really need it?" list. That way you are not wasting time packing items you will only throw away when you at the new place


If you are packing your items yourself, ensure you have strong, rigid cardboard boxes or heavy duty plastic boxes. Bubble wrap fragile items, packing tape to tape well, Pack your items in groups and collections, ideally by room. We recommend clearly writing on the outside of each box what the box contains and what room it is from.


·    Seal the bottom of boxes with packing tape

·    To avoid breakables moving around in the boxes, do not leave gaps in the packing and protect your items by wrapping them bubble wrap. You can also use old newspapers or magazines

·    If a box isn’t full – add light items such as linen or towels

·    Seal boxes at the top and bottom with packing tape

·    Clearly write the contents of the box and the name of the room it's from on the outside

·    Mark ‘FRAGILE’ if it contains breakables

· For furniture and electrical items we will bring blankets to keep them safe and clean

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